Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) Special Fund

The Global Infrastructure Facility Special Fund was established for grants received by AIIB as a Technical Partner of the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF). A G20 initiative, the GIF is a global collaboration platform that integrates efforts to boost private investment in sustainable, quality infrastructure projects in developing countries and emerging markets.

Activities Supported

The GIF provides funding through technical assistance grants, or advisory support to help with the selection, design, structuring and preparation of high-quality, bankable, sustainable infrastructure programs and projects in emerging markets that are attractive to private capital.

The GIF global portfolio supports design, preparation, and structuring across economic infrastructure that reflect thematic areas of climate-smart and connectivity and integration, as well as social infrastructures such as healthcare and education. As a GIF Technical Partner, AIIB can help its Members access grant resources for the following activities:

  • Project Readiness Assessments (PRA). Assessing the current state and quality of preparation of an infrastructure program or project intended for private investment.
  • Project Definition Activities (PDA). Identifying and defining infrastructure projects or programs intended for private investment and planning for detailed project preparation work.
  • Project Preparation Structuring Activities (PPSA). Project preparation and structuring of selected infrastructure projects and programs, including advisory support through the project preparation stages.


The GIF Special Fund provides technical assistance to client governments of AIIB’s Members that are emerging market and developing economies, or any other territories where financing to such territories is permitted in accordance with the policies and procedures of AIIB. Such grants will be used to support infrastructure projects that will be primarily implemented by privately-operated entities (as under a PPP modality or through privatization), or by public sector entities operating on a commercial basis.

Funding Source

The GIF Special Fund is funded from approved grants from the GIF.

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