Asian Infrastructure Forum 2019
Infrastructure Fund Showcase

July 13, 2019

The opportunity:

At the 2019 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Annual Meeting, the Infrastructure Fund Showcase will be hosted during the Asian Infrastructure Forum.

The Infrastructure Fund Showcase provides an opportunity to showcase infrastructure fund investment opportunities to global investors and to receive feedback from AIIB senior investment professionals and other industry leaders.

Who may participate?

Fund Managers who are raising a private equity fund focusing on the infrastructure sector in AIIB members.

What is the format for participation?

All interested participants must submit a proposal by June 14, 2019.

All submissions will be reviewed by AIIB’s proposed judges’ panel.

If a fund proposal is shortlisted, a member of the proposal team will be invited to present the proposal in person during the 2019 AIIB Annual Meeting at the Infrastructure Fund Showcase event.

During the Infrastructure Fund Showcase event, AIIB’s judges’ panel will provide feedback on the fund proposal.

Please note that the Infrastructure Fund Showcase event will be open to all registered annual meeting participants, including journalists.

How do I participate?

All interested participants must submit their proposal by June 14, 2019.

The proposal must be in English and must be less than 10 pages in PowerPoint format (but saved as a PDF).

The PDF file should be named in the format “Name + BP” (e.g., TechInfra +BP).

Please consider including the following in the proposal:
  • The challenge your proposed investment fund will address.
  • The intended impact of your proposed investments.
  • Investment thesis.
  • Proposed team and team’s track-record.
  • Simple term sheet.
Also, in the fund proposal, please highlight whether you would be willing to present your fund proposal to annual Meeting attendees during the Infrastructure Fund Showcase event or only to AIIB’s proposed panel of judges.

More information about the format of the Infrastructure Fund Showcase event will be shared in due course.

Please note that travel and hotel costs will be covered by AIIB for one person from each of the shortlisted teams.

To participate, submit your fund proposal to by 11:59 p.m. of June 14, Beijing Time.

What are the shortlist selection criteria?

All infrastructure fund proposals will be reviewed against the following criteria:
  • Alignment with AIIB’s thematic priorities–sustainable infrastructure, cross-border connectivity and private capital mobilization.
  • Alignment with AIIB’s strategic sectors: energy, transport, water, urban, ICT and other productive sectors.
  • Projects to be considered by the fund have demonstratable economic benefits to the local community and region.
  • Sound business case for investors.
  • Compliant with AIIB’s Environmental and Social Framework and standards of the country where the proposed project is to be developed.

Who are the judges?

The following is the proposed list of judges:

Investment Operations Department
Dong-ik Lee
Director General
Investment Operations Department
Najeeb Haider
Investment Operations Department
Thomas Walenta
Senior Investment Officer
Risk Management Department
Nicholas J. Mant
Head of Credit and Investment Risk
Strategy, Policy and Budget Department
Courtney R. Lowrance
Principal Environment Specialist
Peter Tropper
Senior Advisor to AIIB
Lecturer at Wharton MBA program
Former Chief Investment Officer of IFC

What are the deadlines?

April 1, 2019: Registration opens.

June 14, 2019: Proposal submission deadline.

June 21, 2019: Announcement of shortlisted proposals.

July 13, 2019: Presentations during the Asian Infrastructure Forum.